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This form is used to import a CSV (Comma Separated Values) text file containing  event data into the LuxCal Calendar
The order of columns in the CSV file must be: title, venue, category id (see  below), date, end date, start time, end time and description. If the first row of  the CSV file contains column headers, it will be ignored.
For proper handling of special characters, the CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded.
Sample CSV files
Sample CSV files (file extension .csv) can be found in the 'files/' directory  of your LuxCal installation.

Date and time format
The selected event date format and event time format on the left must match the  format of the dates and times in the uploaded CSV file.

Table of Categories
The calendar uses ID numbers to specify categories. The category IDs in the CSV  file should correspond to the categories used in your calendar or be blank.
If in the next step you want to earmark events as 'birthday', the Birthday  category ID must be set to the corresponding ID in the category list below.
Warning: Do not import more than 100 events at a time!
For your calendar, the following categories have currently been defined:

A list of Your categories will be shown

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