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Message services : Services available to sent event reminders. If a service is not selected, the corresponding section in the Event window will be suppressed. If no service is selected, no event reminders will be sent.
Default list of recipients : If specified, this will be the default recipients list for email and/or SMS notifications in the Event window. If this field is left blank, the default recipient will be the event owner.
Sender of notification emails : When the calendar sends reminder emails, the sender ID of the email can be either the calendar email address, or the email address of the user who created the event.
In case of the user email address, the receiver can reply to the email.

Mail server : PHP mail is suitable for unauthenticated mail in small numbers. For greater numbers of mail or when authentication is required, SMTP mail should be used.
Using SMTP mail requires an SMTP mail server. The configuration parameters to be used for the SMTP server must be specified hereafter.

SMTP server name : If SMTP mail is selected, the SMTP server name should be specified here. For example gmail SMTP server:

SMTP port number : If SMTP mail is selected, the SMTP port number should be specified here. For example 25, 465 or 587. Gmail for example uses port number 465.

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) : If SMTP mail is selected, select here if the secure sockets layer (SSL) should be enabled. For gmail: enabled

SMTP authentication : If SMTP authentication is selected, the username and password specified hereafter will be used to authenticate the SMTP mail.
For gmail for instance, the user name is the part of your email address before the @.
Sender of notification SMSes : When the calendar sends reminder SMSes, the sender ID of the SMS message can be either the calendar phone number, or the phone number of the user who created the event.
If \'user\' is selected and a user account has no phone number specified, the calendar phone number will be taken.
In case of the user phone number, the receiver can reply to the message.

Calendar phone number : The phone number is used as sender ID when sending SMS notification messages.
Format: free, max. 20 digits (some countries require a telephone number, other countries also accept alphabetic characters).
If no SMS service is active or if no SMS subject template has been defined, this field may be blank.

SMS carrier template : The SMS carrier template is used to compile the SMS gateway email address: ppp#sss@carrier, where . . .
• ppp: optional text string to be added before the phone number
• #: placeholder for the recipient\'s mobile phone number (the calendar will replace the # by the phone number)
• sss: optional text string to be inserted after the phone number, e.g. a username and password, required by some operators
• @: separator character
• carrier: carrier address (e.g.
Template examples:,,

SMS country code : If the SMS gateway is located in a different country than the calendar, then the country code of the country where the calendar is used must be specified.
Select whether the \'+\' or \'00\' prefix is required.

SMS subject template : If specified, the text in this template will be copied in the subject field of the SMS email messages sent to the carrier. The text may contain the character #, which will be replaced by the phone number of the calendar or the event owner (depending on the setting above).

Maximum SMS message length : SMS messages are sent with utf-8 character encoding. Messages up to 70 characters will result in one single SMS message; messages > 70 characters, with many Unicode characters, may be split into multiple messages.

Add event report link to SMS : When checked, a link to the event report will be added to each SMS. By opening this link on their mobile phone, recipients will be able to view the event details.
Beware that if the URL to your calendar is a very long URL, then it could result in the SMS be broken up into multiple messages.
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