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Text Search Instructions
The calendar database can be searched for events matching specific text.

Search text: The selected fields (see below) of each event will  be searched. The search is case insensitive.
Two wildcard characters can be used:
  • Underscore characters (_) in the search text will match any single  character.
    E.g.: '_e_r' matches 'beer', 'dear', 'heir'.
  • Ampersand characters (&) in the search text will match any number of  characters.
    E.g.: 'de&r' matches 'December', 'dear', 'developer'.
A blank search text field, or just an ampersand, will match any text and therefore all events.

Event fields: The selected fields will be searched only.

Event category: Events in the selected category will be searched  only.

Occurring between: The start and end date are both optional. A  blank start date means: one year from now in the past and a blank end date  means: one year from now in the future.

The result after clicking the "search" button, will be presented in chronological order.

In the top is shown the search criterias.

In the list, You can even make a refinery-search, by using the browsers search-function. You can then "jump" to each occurency of the extra word You are searching for.
Used this way, You can search for word1 AND then search for word2

The search result can be printed.

Best printresults is when using Chrome or Firefox.
In Chrome You have the result on-line before printing ( You can browse in the online view ).
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