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Calendar version - Database : Version of the installed calendar software and the folder/name of the currently used SQLite database file.

Calendar title : Displayed in the calendar\'s top bar and used in email notifications.

Calendar URL : The calendar\'s web site address.

Calendar email address : The email address used to send or receive notification emails.
Format: 'email' or 'name<email>'.

Link to parent page : URL of parent page. If specified, a Back button will be displayed on the left side of the Navigation Bar which links to this URL.<br>For instance to link back to the parent page from which the calendar was started.

Time zone : The calendar\'s time zone, used to calculate the current time.

Sender of notification emails : When the calendar sends reminder emails, the sender field of the email can contain either the calendar email address, or the email address of the user who created the event.<br>In case of the user email address, the receiver can reply to the email.

RSS feed links : If enabled: For users with at least \'view\' rights an RSS feed link will be visible in the footer of the calendar and an RSS feed link will be added to the HTML head of the calendar pages.

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