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Full week view

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In this view you will see one week with the events planned per day. To save space, all-day events are shown at the top of the days. When hovering the title of an event you will see more event details.

On this page you will find the following hyperlinks:
  • Event title will open the Event Report with all event details, or, if you have edit rights, it will open the Event Edit window.
  • Date in each day header will bring you to Day view for the day concerned.
  • Left and right arrows in the week header will skip one week back or forward.
  • Date at the top of the page will bring you back to the date of today.
  • Time slots of each day If you have edit rights, to create a new event, with the mouse you can select or drag (downwards) one or more time slots. This will open the Event edit window with the date, start time and end time already filled in.
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