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In Year view, You can see a number of months.

In settings, You can set up how many months You want in a row ( 1 - 10), and how many months You want in a column ( 1- 6 ).

You can in this way create a view that is suitable for Your need.
In each day cell in a month, You can see a little box. Each box represents an event.
When hovering over the box(es), You see some information of each event.

This view makes it possible to see a whole year at one time - You can even see 5 whole years in the same view.

If one day cell contains many events, the day cells expands vertically to show You the information. The vertically expansion has only influence on the actual week and month that makes the expansion needed.

You can click on an event, and then You see the description for this event. If Your credentials say so, You can edit the event.

When logged in ( or when Your credentials say so ) You can create new events from month view - just click beside the date number, and You get the template for creating events.

For parameter settings, You use cP=1
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