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An event /date can be opened for participation.

The event/date module and especially the participation feature is being enhanced.

At the moment, it is possible for registered users to participate an event.
When You create an event, You can specify if users should be able to see a list of all participants for an event.
You have for events, different views ( details or compact view ).
You can specify if users can mail each others.
You can specify how many participants that can totally participate an event.

In near future ( medio 2017 ) You can on a participation specify a number of guests and these guests are of course counted in the total number of participants.
A participant can on his participation make a comment for his participation.

In future You can have waiting lists. When You have an event where You have set a max number, then when the max is reached no participation can take place anymore.
Then You have a person that wants to participate but can't. This person sees that it is not possible and will not try again. Then You have a participant that deletes his participation. Now You have one place that could have been filled, but is not - to avoid this to happen there will be a waiting list feature. When You participate an event, and the max number has been reached, You can still participate, but You are put on a waiting list, and Your ststus will be "tentative". When someone deletes his participation from the event, then the first on the waiting list is automatically moved to the event ( status changes from waitinglist to participated). This automatic is to prevent someone else to occupy the free place on the event while someone else on the waiting list would still be on the waiting list. It is the first ( by date/time ) on the waiting list to be "upgraded" to participation. If he has a number ( total number of participant+guests ) equal or lower than the free number - and then maybe another to be removed.
If the person that cancels had 3 numbers on his participation then 3 could be moved from the waiting list OR one with 2 as a number and one with 1 as number.
There will also come a possibility for an event-owner to put participants on the event via a list. This could be used for a museum that has a vernissage, or a theater that has a premiere or ....
This way, You can  pre-book for some people and let others do the participation themselves.
Then all participants ( the invited )  will have an admin-status that says accepted and a user status that says "tentative" (perhaps).
You can send a mail to the invited and  a user will receive a mail with a description of the event, and then the option to choose :   participate event YES  or NO

Then all the user has to do is, in the mail to click on one of the two links YES or NO and then the user will see in his default browser a message :
Your participation to the event is registered
or : Your refusal for the event is registered.
or : the event can no longer be edited - You have to contact the administrator for the event if You want to change something.
or : There was an error - try again later or contact the administrator for the event.
The user has changed his status for his participation from "tentative" to "yes" or "no" without the need to sign in.

When You are the event-owner, You possibly have a deadline for booking seats or other things.
This deadline is a number of days before the event(s) will take place.
On that day, You have to know the exact number of participants ( You are responsible to get tickets or so.. ). From ( after ) this day it should not be possible to participate or cancel. The event should be locked.
If someone will not participate the event, but first find out AFTER the deadline, then he has to contact the admin and tell him of his problem - or find another participant - or pay for the participation he had done and not canceled in time. If he had the possibility to cancel after the deadline, then the admin/event-owner does not know who to bill for some tickets that was not used.  In the future it will be possible to specify a date/time, and when this time is reached, then editing the participation can no longer take place - the event is "locked" for participation
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