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Changing the Lay-out of Events
On the Settings page, the admin can specify which fields of the event body are in use and in which order  they will be displayed in the various views. This can be done via the 'Event template' under Events by specifying a sequence of numbers in the range 1 - 7, where each number represents an event field.
Possible fields in the event body:
  • 1: Venue field
  • 2: Event category field
  • 3: Description field
  • 4: Extra field 1
  • 5: Extra field 2
  • 6: Email notification data (only if an email notification has been requested
  • 7: Date/time added/edited and the associated users
Fields (numbers) which are not specified, will not be visible in the calendar views. Extra fields 1 and 2  are extra fields for which the admin can specify a dedicated label on the same Settings page under Events.  If the these fields have been specified, the field label as well as the content will be displayed. In the  calendar views active fields which are empty will not be shown. The Event window will of course always  show all active fields, including the empty fields.
Example: Event template "43126", with the label for Extra field 1 set to "Department", will for instance result  in the following event body lay-out (explanation between brackets):
Department: Sales (extra field 1 with label "Department")
 Emmett Brown will be working on-site for the BTTF project. (description)
 Venue: Hill Valley (venue)
 Category: Absent (event category)
 (Notify: 4 day(s)) (This line is not displayed, because no email notification was requested)
On the Settings page, the fields 'Event fields - general hover box' under Events, 'Event fields - mini  calendar hover box' under Mini Calendar and 'Event fields - sidebar hover box' under Stand-Alone Sidebar  can be used by the admin to specify the event fields to be displayed in the various hover boxes. The  sequence of the fields in the hover boxes depend on the event template described before.

The following items can be used in the description field ...
• HTML tags <b>, <i>, <u> and <s> for bold, italic, underlined and striked-through text.
• small images (thumbnails) in the following format: folder/image_name.ext or image_name.ext. When omitted, the default folder is 'thumbnails'. The folder must be a subfolder of the calendar and the extension must be .gif, .jpg or .png. The thumbnail (image) files should be uploaded via FTP.
• URL links in the following format: url or url [name], where 'name' will be the title of the link. E.g. www.google.com [search].

URL links can also be used in the extra fields, if in use.

You can use extra 1 and extra 2 fields, to put in information You don't want the public to see.
In settings, You can for each of the fields setup, if You want the field to be public or not.

You can also set it up, if You want pictures to be shown when hovering over the event.

When used for booking purposes, You might want the events to be seen in public view, but You don't want public to see details about the events. This can be done via settings.
You can even set it up, if it is only the eventowner (+admin), that can see details of an event. In these cases it is only the date, start+endtimes and the headline, that is shown.

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