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This form is used to extract and export iCalendar events from  the LuxCal Calendar.
Files will be created in the 'files/' directory on the server with the  specified filename (no extension). (The filename extension is .ics and  if not specified, the default filename is the calendar name. Existing files in the 'files/' directory on the server with the same name will  be overwritten by the new file.

The iCal file description (e.g. 'Meetings 2013') is optional. If  entered, it will be added to the header of the exported iCal file.

Event filters: The events to be extracted can be filtered by:
  • event owner
  • event category
  • event start date
  • event added/last modified date
Each filter is optional. A blank date means: no limit

The content of the file with extracted events will meet the  [RFC5545 standard]  of the Internet Engineering Task Force.
When downloading the exported iCal file, the date and time will be  added to the name of the downloaded file.
Sample iCal files
Sample iCalendar files (file extension .ics) can be found in the 'files/'  directory of your LuxCal download.
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