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This page is used to view, add and edit user groups. Per user group the rights of the users, the event categories available to the users and the group color can be specified.

The initial installation has a User Group defined for each possible type of user permission. Each calendar user is assigned to one of the existing user groups. User groups can be edited, and new user groups can be added, by users with administrator or manager rights. Adding and editing user groups is done via the Administration drop-down menu in the navigation bar. A user group defines the user access rights of the users assigned to this group and the event categories available to the users in the group. Furthermore a number of check boxes are available to specify whether users in this group may upload files, enter repeating events, multi-day events and private events. Via a color palette a background color can be selected for each group. On the admin's Settings page the administrator can specify whether calendar events should be displayed with the color of the event category or the color of the group to which the creator of the event belongs.

Possible access rights:
  • None.
The user - normally the Public User - has no access rights and has to log in to use the calendar.
  • View.
The user can view the calendar, but has has no rights to add or edit events.
  • Post/Edit Own.
The user can view the calendar and can add events. The user can only edit his/her own events.
  • Post/Edit All
The user can view the calendar and can add events. The user can edit his/her own events as well as   events of other users.
  • Post/Edit + Manager
A user with 'Manager' rights can do the same as a user with 'Post All' rights and in addition:
- Can change the owner of an event (in the Event window). So for instance a manager can create events for  other users by creating an event and then assign an owner to it.
- Can approve events created by other users. See Advanced Functions hereafter.
- Has access, via the Administration drop-down menu, to the Categories, Users and User Groups pages and consequently can manage event categories, user profiles and user groups.
  • Administrator
The administrator has all right described above and in addition has access to all technical, user-interface  and database related settings and functions.

In group settings, You can specify which categories are available for that group, and Then You can attach users to that group.
Be aware of, that if You give "public user" group,  rights to all categories, then this will of course be for all users.
So - You have to decide first which categories that has to be available for public user, and then attach the public user to that group.
You can then make the other groups, and then attach users to these groups.
In the options menu, You can then select on these groups also.
When a user is logged on, he can only select between the categories You have decided for him.
When the user creates an event, he can only create events with a category, that matches what You have set up.

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