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Manage Database Instructions

On this page the following functions can be selected:

Compact database
When a user deletes an event, the event will be marked as 'deleted', but will  not be removed from the database. The Compact Database function will permanently  remove events deleted more than 30 days ago from the database and free the space  occupied by these events.

Back up database
This function will create a backup of the full calendar database (tables,  structure and contents) in .sql format. The backup will be saved in the  files/ directory with file name:  cal-dump-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.sql (where 'yyyymmdd' = year, month, and  day, and hhmmss = hour, minutes and seconds.
The backup file can be used to recreate the calendar database (structure and  data), via the restore function described below or by using for instance the  phpMyAdmin tool, which is provided by most web hosts.

Restore database
This function will restore the calendar database with the contents of the  uploaded backup file (file type .sql).
When restoring the database, ALL CURRENTLY PRESENT DATA WILL BE LOST!

This function will delete or undelete events which are occurring between the  specified dates. If a date is left blank, there is no date limit; so if both  dates are left blank, ALL EVENTS WILL BE DELETED!

IMPORTANT: When the database is compacted (see above), the events which are  permanently removed from the database cannot be undeleted anymore!
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