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Mini calendar view : Possible views for the mini calendar are:
• Full Month
• Work Month *)
• Full Week
• Work Week *)
*) For work week days see on this page: Views - Work week days

Mini calendar event posting : If enabled, users can:
• post new events in the mini calendar by clicking the top bar of a day cell
• edit/delete events by clicking an event square
Note: The access rights of the Public User will be applicable.

Event fields - mini calendar hover box : The event fields to be displayed in an overlay when the user hovers an event in the mini calendar can be specified by means of a sequence of numbers.
If no fields are specified at all, no hover box will be displayed.

Mini cal URL to full calendar : When clicking the month at the top of the mini calendar, to go to the full calendar, the user will be directed to this URL.
If not specified, the full calendar will open in a new window.
This URL is in particular useful when the full calendar is embedded in an existing user page.
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