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LuxCal Toolbox
The toolbox contains several tools and utilities, which can help you set up and manage your calendar.  Below you will find a short description of each of the tools / utilities.

For normal use of the calendar, You will have no need to use the toolbox.

a. General Toolbox - lctools.php
The lctool.php file should be uploaded to the calendar's root directory and launched via your browser. This toolbox is particularly useful when managing multiple calendars. It contains tools to perform  the following actions:
  • Test the configuration
  • Create new calendars
  • Set the default calendar
  • Delete calendars
  • Replicate data and/or settings from file
  • Back up calendars
  • Download a backup file from the 'files' folder
  • Import a calendar backup file of a previous LuxCal version
Most actions should be used with caution. Always carefully read the displayed instruction!

b. PHP Installation Details - phpinfo.php
The phpinfo.php utility should be uploaded to the calendar's root directory on your server and  should be launched via your browser. When started, this utility will display all installation details  of the PHP installation on your server.

c. SMTP Mail Test Utility - smtptest.php
When you prefer to use SMTP mail, rather than PHP mail, for your email reminders and cron job  reports, you can select SMTP mail on the admin's Settings page of your calendar. Before doing so you  can use the SMTP Mail Test Utility "smtptest.php", in the smtpmail folder, to test your SMTP mail and  its parameters. The smtptest.php file should be uploaded to the calendar's root directory on your  server. Before launching it via your browser, you should start the calendar and specify the SMTP  parameters on the admin's Settings page, under Email Settings.

d. LDAP Integration (Experimental)
In the ldapmod folder you will find instructions and files to implement LDAP (Lightweight  Directory Access Protocol) integration for the LuxCal calendar. A common usage of LDAP is to provide a  "single sign on" where one password for a user is shared between various services on an intranet.
The LDAP Integration module has been produced by Martin Dziobek, HLRS Uni Stuttgart. For further  details see the README.txt file in the ldapmod folder in the LuxCal toolbox.

e. Database Administration with phpLiteAdmin
In the phpliteadmin folder you will find phpLiteAdmin, an easy to use web-based SQLite database admin  tool written in PHP. details on how to use this free tool can be found  here.
In the associated phpliteadmin.config.php file, you should at least set the following variables:
  • $password - password to gain access
  • $directory - directory of the database file(s)
  • $allowed_extensions - array with allowed database file extensions (for LuxCal: ".cdb")
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