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LuxCal Calendar Features

  • Easy installation and setup (automatic install script)
  • Very friendly user interface and fast; designed for speed
  • Multi-user access with username / password protection
  • User self registration (or via administrator)
  • Event categories with various settings per category and up to four subcategories
  • User groups with access rights and available event categories configurable per user group
  • Configurable as bookings calendar, with overlap checking
  • Private events only visible to the owner of the event and not to other users
  • Various views: year, full month, work month, full week, work week, day, upcoming, changes, matrix
  • Optimized for mobile devices with a limited screen size
  • All views with full event details 'on-mouseover'
  • Event filtering on user group, event owner and category in all calendar views.
  • Repeating events (e.g. every other week, every 2nd Monday, every last Sunday of March)
  • Multi-day events, spanning two or more days (can be combined with repeating)
  • Individual occurrences of repeating and multi-day events editable
  • Attachments (pdf, image or video files) can be uploaded per event
  • Text search facility with wild cards and search criteria
  • Checkbox for events in a certain events category. E.g. "approved", "done"
  • To be approved list, upcoming events list and To-do list
  • Email reminders during event creation and/or a number of days before event due date
  • Email notifications of calendar changes (added, edited and deleted events)
  • Event coloring according to event categories (text and background colors per category specified by admin)
  • Event coloring according to user (background colors per user specified by admin)
  • Easy to tailor date and time formats (e.g. dd-mm-yyyy, mm/dd/yyyy, yyyy.mm.dd, ... May 24, 2012, 24 May 2012, ... 21:30, 21.30, 09:30pm, 09.30PM, ...)
  • Easy replication of existing events without re-typing the event data
  • First day of week selectable: Monday or Sunday
  • Easy embedding of full calendar in an existing web page (iframe)
  • Interactive mini calendar (200px x 200px) which can be embedded in your web page. Full month or work month view
  • Stand-alone sidebar with upcoming events or To-do list which can be easily integrated in your web page
  • Single Sign-On when full calendar embedded in a parent web page which requires logging in
  • Quick, easy and flexible navigation via a navigation bar with "options" panel
  • Event title, venue and description; description with URL (hyper link) and thumbnail image support
  • iCal file event import/export capability (exchange of event data with other calendars)
  • CSV file event import capability (e.g. Outlook export)
  • Multi-language user interface through separate language files (for languages see below)
  • Default user interface language can be set per registered user
  • User interface language selectable and remembered per user during the session
  • Customizable look (through CSS) and layout (settings page)
  • Functions to optimize and backup the calendar database
  • RSS feed - upcoming events for the next x days (x can be set by the administrator)
  • Based on category, events can be excluded from the RSS feeds
  • The calendar produces valid HTML5 code which allows for better structured HTML pages
  • Multiple calendars sharing the same database
  • Proposing and approving events
  • Context-sensitive help information - user can define his own special help text
  • SMTP mail for event reminders and reports
  • Possible databases: MySQL (server) and SQLite (embedded)
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