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Participants in events

Possibility to add persons/users to an event.

This idea has been here since 2015. maybe it is not suitable for the calendar and will never be implemented. BUT - I have found some software that could be used for this purpose : ADMIDIO

I will keep the text here - just in case......

The text is for implementation in the LuxCal - ADMIDIO has not all this functionality yet, but I think it will come.
Could be used for :
-          A small local museum, a local music hall, ( or whatever public eventmaker )  that has events ex. twice a week, shown in the calendar. Then users could sign in on the event ( if the event is set up for allowing participants ). Not registered users could self register, and then sign up. Each participant is automatically set as accepting the participation, but the eventowner or admin has to accept each participant. ( the event has limited space and only xx can participate. Then the eventowner can accept only the xx first to participate, or use other criterias - or the system could automatically put users on a waiting list) The user can later print a list to see which events he/she are attached, and the status ( admin accepted/not accepted/waiting list ).
-          A  billard club, a bowling club ( or whatever  club) participates in several tournaments with 13 teams. Each team has a teamleader. The tournament is spread over 6 months. Each team is a category in the calendar. From  the start, each team is set up with 4 participants.  Sometimes a match has to be moved, and then the teamleader, (who is set as eventowner ) can move the match in the calendar ( and eventually send mail to the participants via “send mail now”). The times for the participants are changed automatically, as the timesettings follows the event. Sometimes a player has to find a replacement, and then the player can change his own participation, to another user ( or let the teamleader do it ). Each participant can be set up to receive a email-notification ( x days before the event, according to the send mail setting in the event ). If the members will not use the system and sign in, the fixed team can be set up in a mailinglist attached to the event then there is no need for adding participants but the list is static for others than the webmaster. – Or the users can let the teamleader maintain the participants if the teamleader is set as eventowner. The system are already capable to handle the last issues with attached maillist.
-          A small firm with meetings. The category is the location ( conference room 1, conference room 2, address 1, address 2 ) and then the caller for the meeting set the list of participants. In the event, the caller for the meeting, can insert a link to the agenda ( a pdf-file )  and other material regarding the meeting, and after fulfilling the event the eventowner can click on the “send mail now” and all the participants will receive a mail with all the information regarding the meeting. The participants can be automatically mailed x days before the meeting. The participants can accept, ( or not ) the participation in the actual meeting, and/or the participant can make a notice to the event/participation link ( Will be 5 minutes late ). In good time before the meeting, the eventowner make a list over his upcoming meetings, and selects on events where participants have made declines or remarks for the participation.
-          A tennis club with 6 lanes. Each lane is a category. One member book a lane by creating an event, and attach the players to the event. The participants can be mailed. Other tennisclub members can see which lane is free or not free.
-          A small club or firm has a Christmas party. The party is an event, and all the eventual participants is attached to the event. It is easy to attach many persons at once, via a template. Each participant then have to accept or reject the participation of the event. The eventowner then has track of who has accepted or declined the event. The participant can make a comment to his participation, and the participant can in a numberfield, set how many he participates with ( 1 = alone, 2 = he and his wife, 3= she, the husband and 1 child). The participants can automatically receive a mail when the event approaches, and in the mail eventually get the newest information for the event ( text and links in the event ).
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