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Who could use SMS

Everybody - could use the sms function.

some examples :

1 - You are a sportsclub. You have 3 junior-teams and 2 senior-teams. The 3 junior-teams have Mike as coach. The 2 senior-teams have Gordon as coach.

Mike has made a category in the calendar for each of his teams ( jun01, jun02 and jun03 ) and Gordon has done the same for HIS teams. Mike has created an event for each match the teams has in the season. Each teammember  can then select the category for his team, and he will then see a calendar with events/matches his team has to play in the season. Mike that creates the events can check for user Mike and then he will see all his teams matches/events. He can also check a category and only see events for this one team.

Each of Mike's teams has 15 teammembers. Mike has made a list with the teammembers mail addresses - each address on one line.
And then he has created each teammember as a user in the calendar. On the user he has also set in the users mobile number.

For each event he has set up that a mail should be sent 5 days before the match/event and a sms should be sent the same day as the match takes place.
The calendar has a cronjob that runs at 02:00 in the night ( two hours past midnight )

What happens now :
Five days before the event, each teammember receives an email with specifications for the match - and in the mail is a link to the calendar.

Early at night - at the same day the match takes place, a sms is sent to each teammember. The sms contains the time for the match and the title of the match/event. If the system is set up for it, then a link to the event is added in the sms, and when the user clicks on the link, he will see all details for the event. If the event has links, he can even click on these links on his mobile and follow the links.
The sender-id of the sms that is sent to Mike's teammembers could have Mikes mobile number as Id.
And the sms that Gordon let the calendar send to HIS teammembers, could have Gordons mobile number as sender ID.
Letting the calendar specify the eventowner as the sender-ID for a sms is only possible for providers that offers an mail2sms  API-solution.

2 - You are a local museum. every second month, you have a new  special exhibition. The museum has 150 "friends" that wants to be informed when new events happens.
The museum makes a list containing 150 mail addresses ( one per line ). The users is created in the calendar with mobile numbers specified.

Then each event the museum has ( vernissage, lecture, musical event ) is created as an event in the calendar.
Then the calendar could send email to all 150 "friends" just after the event is created and then again 2 days before. The mail will contatin all details for the event, and even links that is on the event - could be a link to a PDF-file containing the program for the day/evening.
Also a sms is sent  - this could be at night as a reminder for the event later that day.

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