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For MySql there are the PHPmyadmin. For the SqLite, I use the DB Browser for SQLite.
With this browser, You can FTP Your database to Your PC, open it in the browser, and here You can search/filter data. You can filter more rows at the same time, and You can even use operators as <, =>, =.
You can export data to TXT or CSV files and You can perform queries.
This is a great tool to get familiar with Your database. As You are working on a copy of Your database, You can do nothing "wrong".

For more information on using the filter see userguide on wiki/github

You download it here :

What it is
DB Browser for SQLite is a high quality, visual, open source tool to create, design, and edit database files compatible with SQLite.
It is for users and developers wanting to create databases, search, and edit data.  It uses a familiar spreadsheet-like interface, and you don't need to learn complicated SQL commands.
Controls and wizards are available for users to:
  • Create and compact database files
  • Create, define, modify and delete tables
  • Create, define and delete indexes
  • Browse, edit, add and delete records
  • Search records
  • Import and export records as text
  • Import and export tables from/to CSV files
  • Import and export databases from/to SQL dump files
  • Issue SQL queries and inspect the results
  • Examine a log of all SQL commands issued by the application
What it is not
This program is not a visual shell for the sqlite command line tool. It does not require familiarity with SQL commands. It is a tool to be used both by developers and by end users, and it must remain as simple to use as possible in order to achieve its goals.

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