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Navigation bar buttons with text : If enabled: On the navgation bar the buttons will be displayed with text. If disabled, the buttons are diplayed with icons.

To Approve / Todo / Upcoming buttons : If enabled: A To Approve / Todo / Upcoming button will be displayed on the navigation bar, which when clicked will open the Events to be approved list / Todo list / Upcoming list.<br> The Events to be approved list will only be available to users with manager rights or higher.

Options panel menus : Enable/disable menus in the options panel.
• The calendar menu is available to the admin to switch calendars. (enabling only useful if several calendars are installed)
• The view menu can be used to select one of the calendar views.
• The groups menu can be used to display only events created by users in the selected groups.
• The users menu can be used to display only events created by the selected users.
• The categories menu can be used to display only events belonging to the selected event categories.
• The language menu can be used to select the user interface language. (enabling only useful if several languages are installed)
Note: If no menus are selected, the option panel button will not be displayed.

View buttons on navigation bar : View buttons to be displayed on the navigation bar can be specified by means of a sequence of numbers
If a number is specified in the sequence, the corresponding button will be displayed.<br>If no numbers are specified, no View buttons will be displayed.
Meaning of the numbers:
1: Year
2: Full Month
3: Work Month
4: Full Week
5: Work Week
6: Day
7: Upcoming
8: Changes
The order of the numbers determine the order of the displayed buttons.
For example: \'24\' means: display \'Full Month\' and \'Full Week\' buttons.",

Default view on start-up : Possible default views on calendar start-up are:
• Year
• Full Month
• Work Month *)
• Full Week
• Work Week *)
• Day
• Upcoming
• Changes
*) For work week days see on this page: Views - Work week days
Recommended choice: Month or Upcoming.

Default user interface language : The files ui-{language}.php, ai-{language}.php, ug-{language}.php and ug-layout.png must be present in the lang/ directory. {language} = selected user interface language. File names must be lower case!

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