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Demo sidebar

A sidebar with upcoming events or a To-do list added to your web page

These Upcoming Events or To-do list sidebars are displayed via a <div>-tag and can be fully tailored to your needs. They show upcoming public events or events requiring action from your normal LuxCal calendar, grouped per date and for each event the time and title are displayed. If enabled by the calendar administrator, URLs in the event description (if any) will be displayed as hyperlinks just below the corresponding event and further event details will pop up when hovering an event with the mouse. For the To-do list events will have an interactive check box which can be (un)checked.

Example side bars     click on the sidebars to be directed to the site where they are interactive. You can create an event, and see it in the sidebar.

In the right sidebar the events are filtered on event category "birthday"
and in the left sidebar birthdays have been excluded.

All characteristics of the sidebar can be customized via a separate styles sheet (CSS), independently from the full-size calendar. For instance the sidebar can be positioned on an absolute location overlaying other elements on the web page, or it can be integrated in the normal flow of elements. The size, the colors and the fonts can be changed. On the admin's Settings page the following can be specified:

♦ the number of days to look ahead for events in the sidebar

♦ whether further event details should pop-up (in the LuxCal way) when the user hovers an event

♦ if URLs from the event description (if any) should be displayed as hyperlinks in the sidebar

For these demonstration sidebars, the number of days to look ahead has been set to 21 and both other options have been enabled.

The title and the style of the sidebar can be set per sidebar and the events in the sidebar can be filtered on event category and/or user ID. This allows for more than one sidebar per site, each with its own title and a different list of upcoming events or To-do list.

The sidebar uses the same settings as the full-size calendar. Consequently the user interface language and formats (date format, time format, etc.) of the sidebar can be configured by the calendar administrator and are identical to the user interface language and formats of the full-size calendar.

Both demonstration sidebars use the same event database as the other demonstration calendars above; so changes in the calendars above are directly reflected in these sidebar (after refreshing the page).

To use upcoming events or To-do list sidebars, the full LuxCal calendar must be installed in the same domain as your website, so in a sub-directory of your website.

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