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Context sensitive help

Creating Context-Sensitive Help
Each calendar page has a Help button in the right upper corner. If no context-sensitive help is availble, pressing this button will open a window with the general information. If however context-sensitive help information is available, dedicated help for the current calendar page will be shown.
For each calendar page context-sensitve help information can be created in a file which is stored in the calendar's help folder. The file name contains the associated calendar page number (see "(pn)" below) and the language (see "(lang)" below); it should take one of the following formats:
  • ug-(pn)-(lang).htm
  • ug-(pn)-(lang).html
  • ug-(pn).htm
  • ug-(pn).html
A list of possible calendar page numbers can be found at the end of this page.
The calendar's help function will search the "help" folder for a file in the order given above. So for example - if the current page is Month view and the current user interface language is English - it searches for "ug-02-english.htm", if not found it will search for "ug-02-english.html", if not found it will search for "ug-02.htm", if not found it will search for "ug-02.html". If no context-sensitive help file is found, the general help file "ug-english.php" from the "lang" folder will be displayed.
If the language is omitted in the file name, the file will be used whatever user interface language is active. ( unless there is a helpfile for the actual language )
So for example the file "ug-02-english.htm" contains the help information for the calendar's Month view page in the English language.
The context-sensitive help files may contain HTML-code. If the file extension is "htm", the file should contain the HTML code which is normally placed between the <body>-tags of an HTML file. If the file extension is "html", the file should contain a full HTML page, starting with <!DOCTYPE html> and ending with <html>. In the first case the calendar's styles sheet will be applicable and in the latter case the help file will be displayed within an iframe and needs its own styles sheet. Examples of context-sensitive help files can be found in the calendar's "help" folder.

In the future releases, the help files will be delivered in a separate zip-file. This means that You can make Your own versions of help files with text that match exactly the purpose Your calendar will have, without Your files will be overwritten by new versions from LuxCal.
It also means You have to unpack the files if You WISH the new help-files to be active.

Possible calendar page numbers:
01: Year view
02: Full Month view
03: Work Month view
04: Full Week view
05: Work Week view
06: Day view
07: Upcoming view
08: Changes view
09: Matrix view (categories)
10: Matrix view (users)
20: Login page
21: Search page
30: Event Add/Edit window
31: Event Report window
90: Settings page
91: Categories page
92: Users page
93: User Groups page
94: Database page
95: iCal Import page
96: iCal Export page
97: CSV Import page
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