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SureSMS is tested to function with the LuxCal calendar.

SureSMS offers free test sms ( 100 free for test )

There is no monthly fee.

SureSMS offers the use of an API-key. By use of this it is possible to specify a sender-ID.

You can download the sms-history to a Excel-file. The file is in xml-format, so there should be no delimiter-problem.

Features and functions for SureSMS:

Our SMS gateway runs in a very stable way and has been used by our customers for many years. It delivers thousands of messages every day, and it has a wide and well-chosen palette of functions. You can see a list of the main ones below:
Basic functions
  • Send SMS via your website
  • SMS to the whole world
  • Self-chosen sender on your SMS messages
  • SMS templates
  • Timed SMS
For the professional
  • 2-way SMS
  • SMS to SMS
  • API (for developers)
  • Plug-ins
  • Integration
Group SMS
  • Create and send group SMS’s
  • Import contacts
  • Unlimited number of groups and recipients
  • Merge recipient’s name in the group SMS
  • Group SMS via E-mail
  • WEB registration forms

Security and Monitoring
  • Complete log and monitoring
  • Monitoring of dead numbers (HLR)
  • Security
  • Monitoring
  • Operating set-up
  • E-mail and telephone support 24/7
Today our customers use us for
  • SMS reminders
  • Single-use passwords
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Customer clubs and news SMS
  • Mobile marketing
  • Polls
  • Competitions

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