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How to navigate

In the top You have the navigation bar, with option button, date picker field,  print and so on. This navigation bar can be "disabled by using the hdr-parameter.

How to use parameters ? see installation

hdr=0 ( no navigation bar ) and hdr=1 ( navigation bar )

Calendar with navigation bar, and in monthview

Calendar without navigation bar, and in weekview  

To tell the calendar which view to start up with, use the cP parameter.
It is the same calendar used - how it appears is done with different settings.
The calendar can be optimised to mobile-view by choosing for example week view or day view and disabling the navigation bar.

To give an impression of how it works on a mobile, here is a day-view with no navigation bar and the size approx. of a mobile.

When clicking on a week number, the calendar shifts to week view with the chosen week number, and when clicking on a date, the calendar shifts to day-view, and on the chosen date. You can "drill down" from year view to month view to week view to day view, and You can step up (back) one level , by clicking on the dates between the two solid black arrows/triangles. You can also go from month view directly to day-view by clicking on a date in the right upper corner of a day cell . You can even set the system up to show view-buttons in the navigation-bar, so with one click You can change to the desired view.
In the date-picker field, You can choose which date the calendar chooses its view from. Dependent on the view chosen, the calendar looks a number of days back, and a number of days ahead. When the window is re-opened, the date is set to TODAY. You can also in the date-picker field choose to go to TODAY. An easier way to go to today, is to click on the top, where the actual day is shown - this will set the day-picker field to today.

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